We are excited to announce that the author David Goutcher will be visiting Canon Slade School on Tuesday 27th February as part of our Book Week.

All year 7 and 8 students will listen to David’s talk in the chapel during period 2 and 3 respectively.

David’s books will be available to buy at £6.99 each and book signing will take place after the session period 2 and in the library at lunch time.

David, is a former law enforcement officer who spent most of his career working under cover and in covert surveillance. He trained fellow officers in trade craft and survival skills and went on to work alongside UK Security Services. He also travelled abroad, liaising and collaborating with International Intelligence Agencies on covert operations.

Drawing from his experiences, he has created Spy Quest, an award winning, online interactive game, that replicates the excitement and exhilaration, that he found from real life experiences. The Polybius Games studio has established itself as a leader in Augmented Reality technology and incorporated it into the fabric of the game story-lines.

He hired Andy Briggs (Tarzan) to help him write the first Spy Quest novel; Polybius – The Urban Legend and has now embarked on a new chapter of his career, as a professional writer in his own right.

Just like the Spy Quest game, his first solo novel ‘The Cursed Diamond’ pushes the boundaries of the publishing industry and immerses readers like never before, as they read the book and watch the augmented reality movies at the same time.


Spy Quest: The Cursed Diamond Book Cover Spy Quest: The Cursed Diamond
Spy Quest
David Goucher

Franco Rodriguez is an International Jewel Thief, who has has evaded arrest for years and is listed on Interpol's MOST WANTED list. Renowned for his ability to overcome the most sophisticated security systems, he now has his sights on stealing the famous Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. Can the Spy Quest Agency stop Franco from pulling off the heist of the century ? Will the Diamond's deadly CURSE strike again and claim a new victim ? Join SQA Agents Sam, Rebecca, Casey and Holly, in an action packed adventure, as they try to protect their National Treasure from disappearing forever... Spy Quest is an online interactive game which is available to play in hotels and resorts around the world. The Cursed Diamond storyline will enthral any would-be Spy and immerse them quickly in the secret world of covert espionage. The book utilises cutting edge Augmented Reality technology found within the associated free app, to bring the story to life, by letting children experience reading the book and watching a part of the movie at the same time.

Source: Amazon.co.uk

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