Andy Briggs is visited Canon Slade School on Friday 16th November. He inspired all year 7 and 8 with facts around his research for his books and encouraged everyone to see reading and writing in a fun way. His talk featured details about his books and stories about him as a screenwriter, graphic novelist, author and conservationist. To find out more Andy have a look at his amazing website

“The event was a huge success and nearly one hundred books were sold at the event,” Mrs Cairns

“Andy Briggs gave the students a unique and exciting insight into the joys of writing. He encouraged every student to get involved and managed to engage and inspire even the most reluctant of students.” Miss Price Maths teacher

“A fantastic and dynamic guest speaker who engaged students from start to finish and really helped them to appreciate how diverse and exciting writing can be.” Miss Wensley, English teacher

Student comments:

“You made writing really fun and your books are very good. One day I want to write a book” Mollie


“At first I did not want to buy your book but you have inspired me so decided to buy ‘Drone Racer’. I am loving it and I am only on page 10.” Year 7 student


“Andy you were amazing and I loved your talk.” Brooke


“You were inspiring and funny. I bought a book too.” Erin


“You have a wonderful sense of humour and I like how you go to the trouble of going to Africa and doing all these wonderful things for your book. Thank you.” Maisie


“Thank you for coming to see us Andy.”


“Andy you have made my day. I hope you keep writing.” Eleanor


“You have inspired me to write.” Amy


“You have definitely changed my mind about reading and I have got your new book ‘Drone Racer’. Thank you very much. Alex


“I thought your assembly was FAB and I can’t wait to read ‘Drone Racer. Thanks Amelia


“Thanks for inspiring us all at Canon Slade. You gave us a brilliant assembly and helped us all to become more inspired to write.


Thank you for your cool and wacky facts.” Michaela

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