Canon Slade students always love a baking competition, so despite the lockdown, I thought it would be a good idea to invite everyone to ‘bake a rainbow’ to celebrate the hard work by our friends and family working in the NHS during these difficult times.

We had lots of entries ranging from a jelly (with its own pot of gold!) to a rainbow salad and lots of magnificent cakes from students from year 7 to year 13. The standard, as always, was very high and they could only be judged on appearance, although many had amazing looking inside layers with multitude of colours.

All the entrants were winners as all had a product to share with their families, who I am sure really appreciated a treat during lockdown.

Thanks to the families too, who I hope weren’t left with too much washing up!

Well done to all the entrants-you are all winners!

Gold award certificates-The Winners

Madison Disley (Y8), Laura Kay (Y10), Bethan Sanders (Y9), Sienna Seddon (Y13),
Elizabeth Wallace (Y10)

Silver award certificates- Runners up

Jasmine Davies-Hayes (Y9), Kamala Dixon (Y12), Elise Fairclough (Y8), Alice Fletcher (Y12), Martha Fletcher (Y8), Grace Gillard (Y10), Chloe Kinsella (Y9), Iris McHaddan (Yr 7), Jacob Nisbet (Yr 8), Mia Pritchard (Y9)

Bronze award certificates

Amelie Heys(Y7), Maria Morgan(Y10), Miracle Ozeku(Y8), Shiloh Ozeku(Y7), Codyleigh Caldecott(Y13), Katie Hunter(Y8), Emily Hunt(Y10), Oliver Eza(Y10), Phoebe Adams(Y7), Mia Archer-Riley (Y7), Rebekah Sharpe (Y7), Brooke Melling (Y7) Hannah Fallows-Hale (Y9)

The quality of the entrants was amazing and I was so impressed with so many of these. Some of the skills shown were fantastic (many from younger pupils). Judging was exceptionally difficult-but I am pleased that everyone was a winner and ‘the rainbow’ has touched many families. I hope it will be one of the things that you remember about lockdown. Keep baking!

All the entries are displayed on twitter.

Mrs Teasdale

Photo by Mia Cambriello on Unsplash

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