Featured micronutrient – Vitamin C (and fibre)

Skills used – fruit preparation


Serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Serve as a starter or dessert. Rich in Vitamin C and fibre.
Part of your 5 a day


  1. Self. Equipment.
  2. Pour juice or spoon yogurt into your plastic container.
  3. Prepare fruits and add to your container.
  4. Stir and chill in fridge.
  5. Clear table. Wash, dry and put away equipment. Wash and disinfect work surfaces.


  1. A choice of fruits according to your design (about 5-7)
    NOTE – no prepared punnets of fruit eg. ready sliced melon
    1.  large fruits eg. melon should be cut and part of the fruit brought to school eg. a quarter of a melon
    2. one tin of fruit may be included eg. tine of pineapple or mandarins
    3. try to choose a COLOURFUL group of fruits
    4. most people bring an apple as one of their fruits
  2. Liquid
    1. Either 300ml of a fresh fruit juice of your choice eg. apple
    2. OR 500ml of yoghurt (large tub) – can be plain or flavour.


Green chopping board, vegetable knife, tablespoon, (tin opener and peeler if needed).

Photo by Carissa Gan on Unsplash

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