Welcome to the Food Department at Canon Slade School

Welcome to the Food Department!


Food by its very nature is interesting and exciting! Practical lessons smell nice and are very busy, with something to show at the end of the lesson which tastes great!

This Department offers students the opportunity to learn to cook a wide range of dishes. As they progress through the years working in this subject, they will develop a vast range of skills and will go on to be very competent cooks. They will never starve! Students will also study nutrition in great detail so that they have a thorough understanding of preparing and planning meals. It’s about being healthy and staying healthy!

Food is compulsory for all year 7 students. It is part of a rota which includes all technology subjects, that is, C.A.D, electronics, graphics, product design and textiles. All year 7 students have a 6-week module in each subject, having two lessons each week. In Food one lesson will be a practical cooking lesson and one will be a theory lesson, usually about nutrition. The details of the contents of this module are shown on this website.

At the end of year 7, students are allowed to opt for 3 out of the 6 subjects listed above to study in year 8. Most students are given their choices, but because of pressure of numbers, for some students there may be a slight change to their choices. The students will take two 6-week modules in each subject, one before Christmas and one after. It is during year 8, that students make their GCSE choices. The year 8 lessons are given on this website. During the first module the students make foods which are suitable for a party or buffet table. The second module involves making a three-course meal over the duration of the course.

During year 8, some students will decide to carry on to take Food as a GCSE. During year 9 &10 these students will follow a cooking course which involves cooking from scratch making pastries, soups & sauces, breads, fresh pasta, cakes & biscuits and many mouth-watering dishes, such as homemade pies, lasagne, cheesecake and gateaux! The emphasis in year 11 is on coursework as this GCSE has 50% of marks awarded for producing two portfolio pieces, one in term one of year 11 and one in term two. There is also a final exam at the end of year 11 worth 50% of the GCSE.

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