Complaints Policy & Procedures

 Governors’ Charging And Complaints Policies


Sections 106-111 and 117-118 of the Education Reform Act 1988 set out the law on charging for all State Schools. In accordance with the Act (Section 110) and in keeping with Circular 2/89 the policy of the Governing Body of Canon Slade School is as follows:

  1. The Governors intend to make no charges for admission to the school. It is hoped that parents will consider making voluntary contributions to:-(i) the General School Fund (‘Care’ Fund)(ii) the ‘Building Our Future’ Continuing Appeal
  2. No charges will be made for education in school hours or for education necessary to fulfil National Curriculum requirements.
  3. All entries for public examinations will be free of charge to students except in the case of re-sit examinations for which students will be liable for the cost. Entry fees paid for by the school will be subject to the provisions outlined in Section 108 of the Education Reform Act which states that examination fees may be recovered from parents where a pupil fails to sit an examination without good reason or to complete any coursework requirements. The School Governors reserve the right, on the advice of the Head, not to enter any child for any given examination if they judge that there is good reason not to do so. The Governors will remain arbiters of the circumstances which constitute ‘good reason’.
  4. The Governors believe strongly in the value of activities and experiences which enhance the educational process. On behalf of the Governors, the Head (or his staff) may write to parents inviting them to make specified financial contributions to pay for educational activities that the school proposes to organise as an optional extra for the benefit of pupils.Parents in receipt of income support or family credit will receive automatic remission of such costs and arrangements will be made by the Governors to fund such activities if at all possible. It should be noted, therefore, that any activity for which parents are invited to make contributions will only go ahead if
    Governors are satisfied that the total costs (which may include the costs of covering absent teachers) of the activity can be met. Under the terms of the Act (Section 118.4) the Governing Body, in approving an activity which is scheduled to take place may require a third party (e.g. travel company) to levy charges directly to parents in return for services provided. In this case the Governors would not take part in the transaction and it would be for parents to satisfy themselves about the adequacy of the arrangements.
  5. Governors reserve the right to charge parents for the following:-(i) defaced, damaged or lost books or wilful damage to school property;(ii) ingredients or materials used in practical subjects where parents have indicated a wish to own the finished product.Governors, in determining the policy outlined above, undertake to keep the policy under review and to notify parents in writing of any changes as and when appropriate.Parents will understand why, in certain instances, if voluntary contributions are not forthcoming, then the proposed activity may have to be cancelled. All schools have a limited budget with its own necessary priorities: we just cannot afford to pay for all the educational opportunities which we would like to make available, and so we do ask parents to support what we are seeking to provide whenever they are able to do so.

    Parents should feel free to discuss any difficulty or query arising from this most complex piece of educational legislation directly with the Head; if there are ever any genuine financial difficulties we may be able to advise or even help via our School Fund (in strictest confidence, of course).


In line with Section 58 of the 1988 Education Reform Act, the Governors have made arrangements for the consideration of complaints about the curriculum and related matters. Copies of this procedure are available on request from the Clerk to the Governors.