Catering Menu From September 2016



Main Meals


Vegetable Lasagne1.30Filled Sandwich/Barm1.40
Lasagne1.20Pitta Bread1.40
Filled Granary Roll1.45
Chilli & Rice1.65All Large Salads1.65
Chicken Korma & Rice1.65Pasta Salad0.45
Chicken Tikka1.65Coleslaw Salad0.45
Chicken Tikka & Chips2.05English Salad0.45
Chicken Tikka, Chips & Rice2.05Crunchy Salad0.45
Sweet & Sour Chicken1.65Potato Salad0.45
Chicken Fajiea1.50
Spaghetti Bolognaise1.65

Potatoes & Vegetables

Cheese Flan1.10
Cheese Whirl1.00Chips1.20
Cheese Pastie1.20Jacket Potato With Butter0.90
Macaroni Cheese1.10Creamed Potatoes0.40
Cauliflower Cheese1.10Roast Potatoes0.40
Cottage Pie1.20Boiled Potatoes0.40
All Other Veg (Inc Peas/Beans)0.40


Meat Pie1.20
Chicken Pie1.20Gravy (Free With Main Meal)0.10
Chicken Balti1.65Sauce Portion 0.10
Meat & Potato Pie1.15(Brown/Tomato/Salad Cream)
Meat & Potato Pastie1.20Cheese Portion0.45
Sticky Ribs1.25
Beef Curry & Rice1.65


Savoury Rice0.80
Roast Dinner1.50Hot Sweet With Custard0.65
Meat Balls With Pasta1.65All Other Sweets0.65
Vegetable Curry & Rice1.65Cheese & Biscuits1.10
Mushroom Stroganoff1.65Fruit Yoghurt0.55
Sausage1.15Fruit Corner0.75
Battered Fish1.20FruitCost +6p



Coated Chicken Fillet On A Barm1.80
Beans On Toast 1.30Large Bottle Juice0.90
Egg On Toast1.30Small Bottle 0.60
Garlic Bread0.60
Jacket Potato (With Cheese)1.40
Jacket Potato (With Beans) 1.40Milk Shake0.90
Jacket Potato (With Cheese & Beans)1.80Fruit Juice (Carton)0.60
Bacon Muffin1.30Canned Drinks Fruit Juice0.65
Naan Bread0.65Bottled Water0.65
Small Bottle0.60