The policy of the Governing Board for


Careers, Education,Information, Advice and Guidance


This policy has been prepared and agreed by the governors in line with the Mission Statement of the school:


As a Church of England School, we seek to provide an excellent education

within a Christian environment to fulfil individual potential and to prepare pupils for life and service

in a rapidly changing world.


 Governors have also been mindful of the duties placed on all publicly funded organisations under the Equality Act (2010), and have sought to ensure that this policy and the activities of the school to which it refers support those duties, so that we can work together to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity, and foster good relationships. In doing so, we will aim to remove or minimise disadvantage, to take all the steps that we can to meet people’s different needs, and to encourage participation, particularly among those who might not join in.



Ratified by the Governing Body


July 2018

July 2019

Next review


July 2020

Monitoring of the impact of this policy by the governors


People Committee

Senior staff responsible for the implementation of this policy


Deputy Headteacher, Care, Guidance and Safeguarding


Aims and Objectives:

  • All students from Year 7 at Canon Slade School are entitled to comprehensive careers education based on impartial advice in line with statutory guidance. This includes education, training and employment opportunities
  • Canon Slade seeks to challenge preconceptions and raise the aspirations and focus of students. Therefore partnerships with parents and carers, businesses, their employees and teaching staff are vital.
  • We work towards providing equality of opportunity and access to all students whilst reducing disadvantage and promoting social inclusion.
  • Our excellent careers practice has been evidenced by the Inspiring IAG Gold Award; a public recognition that CEIAG is being delivered successfully and to a high standard.
  • Canon Slade School sees the CEIAG programme as an integral part of developing the holistic student. Through this, skills, attitudes and abilities are developed that will enable students to undertake the responsibilities and experiences of adult life and the world of work

CEIAG is a planned and distinctive element of the whole school curriculum. Within lower school, the STEPS programme has been embedded into the weekly tutor time, supplemented by school assemblies from both employers and further and higher education establishments.

From Year 8 upwards, students engage in internal/external STEM activities, employer visits, college and university trips.

From Year 9 upwards, students and parents are invited to attend the annual Careers Convention, allowing them the opportunity to meet with representatives from Industry, Further and Higher Education to discuss career aspirations

From Year 11, students become familiar with UCAS Progress and receive IAG on the various routes into employment. They also have the opportunity to meet with a Connexions Advisor to have a one to one careers interview.

During KS5 students receive guidance on university choices, mock interviews, UCAS applications, university drop-ins and a range of weekly lectures from representatives of Higher Education and Industry.

CEIAG is an important and distinctive element of the whole curriculum, relating to all key stages and areas of learning and experiences –culminating in preparation for eventual employment at the end of both Post 16 and Post 18 education. We feel confident that we work within the guidelines of the eight Gatsby Benchmarks:


1. A Stable Careers Programme

The Inspiring IAG Gold Award evidences that a good quality stable careers programme is in place. For further information, please see the Summary of Provision and Partner Contribution in the Careers section of the school website.


2. Learning from Careers and Labour Market Information

Student and parents have access to good quality information regarding CEIAG and Labour Market Information via the Careers Section on the school website. This section contains information on specific events being held both in and outside of school. It also has links to a range of careers based websites, which are both interactive and informative.

There is also a Careers Section in the school library, which has a wide range of general and specific careers resources as well as resources on LMI.


3. Addressing the Needs of Each Student

All students in Years 7-13 have access to a Connexions Advisor in the Student Support Centre. Advice and support is tailored to the needs of each student and equality and diversity considered throughout. A referral system is in place for any students who we feel may particularly benefit from an early Connexions appointment. Planned activities and trips are offered to meet the needs of all students including possible NEETs, disadvantaged students and SEN students.


4. Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

Lessons are linked to careers and students are offered specific information regarding Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers and their relevance for a wide range of future career paths. Specific curriculum activities, STEM trips and visiting guest speakers offer a full range of STEM opportunities. Subject specific careers lesson within Departments.

Departmental displays are regularly updated showing what careers are achievable through studying their particular subject.


5. Encounters with Employers and Employees

Students have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the work place. This is offered via the annual careers convention, work experience, mock interview programme, visiting guests, mentoring, assemblies, and employer premises visits.


6. Experience of Workplaces

During KS4 and KS5 students have the opportunity of work experience and work visits to help their exploration of career opportunities and to expand their networks.


7. Encounters with Further and Higher Education

All students have opportunities to hear a range of speakers from FE/HE during assemblies. From Year 9 upwards, students are invited to attend the annual careers convention. KS4/KS5 students are invited to take part in part in university talks from visiting speakers; take part in university visits/taster days. During National Apprenticeship week, training providers, employers and speakers from FE, deliver a range of assemblies to students explaining the various apprenticeship opportunities available to them.


8. Personal Guidance

All students Years 7-13 and parents have access to impartial careers guidance interviews with the Connexions Advisor. Student and/or parent appointments can be made on request. In Year 11, students have the opportunity to see the Connexions Advisor individually.



Canon Slade School’s role is to ensure sufficient support is provided for all our students, promoting well informed and realistic decisions. In line with statutory guidance, the school provides access to impartial and independent advice about the range of education and training options that are most likely to help young people achieve their ambitions.

The school will be free to make arrangements for careers guidance that fit the needs and circumstances of our pupils, and will be expected to work, as appropriate, in partnership with external and expert providers

Canon Slade School will secure access to impartial face-to-face careers guidance where it is the most suitable support for young people to make successful transitions, particularly children from disadvantaged backgrounds or those who have special educational needs, learning difficulties or disabilities.


Careers guidance will be presented in an impartial manner and promote the best interests of the students to whom it is given. Careers guidance will include information on all options available in respect of 16-18 education or training, including Apprenticeships and other work-based education and training options as well as post 18 options.

Canon Slade School will provide information, when appropriate to local authority support services. The school will work with these partners and local authorities to ensure stakeholders know what services are available, and how young people can be referred for support.




Canon Slade School will decide the careers guidance provision to be made available based on the needs of pupils and the opportunities available in line with national entitlements and with statutory requirements through a flexible delivery model.

Canon Slade pupils will receive independent and impartial advice about all of the mainstream education, training and employment opportunities on offer, regardless of their individual circumstances. For those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, this advice should also include information on the full range of specialist provision that is available.


Monitoring, Evaluation and Review:


Canon Slade School assesses the impact of the Careers Programme on pupils through monitoring and evaluation. This is achieved by various means:

  • On line evaluation tools – Compass and Tracker
  • Student destination ex Year 11 and Year 13
  • Student feedback from the Work Experience Programme/annual Careers Convention.
  • Employer feedback from the Work Experience Programme/annual Careers convention
  • Connexions Service carry out annual evaluations with all students who have attended one to one interviews.
  • Termly reviews/visits of students on extended work placements
  • Staff visits/phone calls of students on work experience.
  • Connexions Advisor/CEIAG Officer deliver assemblies to KS3/KS4


Canon Slade School consults with stakeholders in order to evaluate and improve delivery of CEIAG.

Managing and implementing the school’s CEIAG policy is the responsibility of the Deputy Headteacher (Care, support and Guidance.)


This policy is reviewed annually by the Governing Board



Download an official copy of the policy here

CEIAG Policy (Adobe PDF)

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