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When doing any shopping online it would be great if you would go via You will then be creating a donation to school without it costing you a penny!

TheGivingMachine™ is a not for profit social enterprise that enables us to generate free cash donations for CSA every time you shop online at the qualifying online stores.

The first time you use the site you will need to “Join” by selecting the appropriate purple button on the Home page. Hopefully you will choose Canon Slade School Association as your Beneficiary (this can be found in “Find a cause”). To join directly you can use the following web address: You can continue shopping when you have entered your details and created your account. Each time you use the site after that it will just be one click to a wide variety of high street and online brands ranging from Cosmetics to Utilities with DIY, Holidays, Insurance, Clothes, Toys, DVDs and CDs and many more in between………

Alternatively if you email the CSA committee ( one of us can register you, or answer any questions you may have.


Check out the value of some of the things you can purchase: 

We currently have almost 200 givers registered on TheGivingMachine™ website and helping to raise money for CSA. Please join us and let’s try and get over 200 registered givers. You can join for free and all purchases via TheGivingMachine™ web portal are the same price as they would be if you went directly to the online store website.

You can even install a “Shop and Give Reminder” button to make it easier to access website.

Thank you for your support.