Over the last few weeks our Year 8 students have been taking part in a series of GCSE options talks provided by the Heads of Department for each subject. We know how important making the right choice of options is for our students and want to ensure that they are able to make an informed choice based on all of the information available.

Now that the options talks have concluded we have decided to offer our students the chance to see each of the virtual presentations again, giving them the opportunity to look at all the options available to them in order to guide them in making the best choice for them.

The videos are hosted on our new school video platform using Microsoft Stream. To view the videos our students will need to log into the platform using their school log in information.

If you cannot see the videos above it may be necessary for you to sign in using your school account. Alternatively, the Year 8 options video channel can also be reached by clicking the following link: