The second trial for the 2016/17 G.M.C.S.F.A. Under 14 Boys side will take place at 6.30pm at the following venue:

Wright Robinson College
Off Falmer Close,
Abbey Hey Lane,
M18 8RL
The following boys have been selected to attend:
Keagan Barlow (Bolton)
Kaiden Barlow (Bury)
Scott Bladen (Bolton)
Isaac Boateng (Bolton)
Aiden Burgess (Manchester)
MacKenzie Chapman (Bury)
Louie Clarkson (Manchester)
Joe Collins (Stockport)
MacKenzie Cookson (Stockport)
Niall Dolan (Stockport)
Kieran Evans (Wigan)
Rroni Ferizi (Trafford)
Lenny Fieldhouse (Tameside)
Kofi Johnson (Stockport)
Scott Johnson (Bury)
Jearry Le Blanc (Wigan)
Jerry Le Grand-Akpo (Wigan)
Luke Matheson (Manchester)
Jake Phelan (Tameside)
Harry Scarborough (Wigan)
Bailey Sloane (Bury)
Owen Smyth (Audenshaw)
Enoch Tapke (Manchester)
Adam Thomas (Bolton)
Nathan Wallis (Salford)
Byron Weekes (Bolton)
Joshua Wilson (Salford)
Players should arrive ready to play in their own kit. Changing facilities are available if anyone needs them.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Best wishes
Mr Jackson
G.M.C.S.F.A. Chairman