*** Update ***

Thanks to everyone for the massive effort in putting together the grand total of 345 shoe boxes which were collected yesterday for distribution in the next few weeks. . Your efforts will much appreciated by many children this Christmas.



We launched our school appeal for Christmas shoe boxes in school hall assemblies just before half term. Last year we sent 336 boxes to Serbia and they were part of a delivery 678,942 shoebox gifts to children in 13 countries across Eastern Europe, Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. They were given to children who otherwise would have not received a Christmas present.

The Christmas shoebox project is run by Operation Christmas Child and since it began in 1990, more than 146 million children in over 150 countries have had their Christmas brightened by the gift of a shoebox of gifts.

We are hoping that as many Canon Slade students as possible will participate in this opportunity to think of others and help children across the world. You can either put together your own box at home and bring it into school or bring in some items to contribute to boxes to be put together with the rest of your form group.

To cover the cost of shipping Samaritans Purse ask for a £3.00 donation per box – any contributions would be gratefully received

Please help us to make this our best year ever. Place finished boxes at the front of chapel and please note that the deadline for collection is

Friday 16th November!

Many thanks in anticipation for all your help this year!

Some videos

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Shoe Box Total

Samaritans Purse Shoebox Appeal Christmas 2015 Banner