Mia (year 10) decided do a charity bake and the first weekend of half term making boxes of cakes to sell, to raise funds for the Brownie pack that she helps out with.

For 2 weeks Mia worked tirelessly after school preparing for the bake. She sensibly chose some items she could make in advance and freeze (scones and choux eclair shells), biscuits that she could do the evening before and then a mix of baked (vanilla slices) and non baked (rocky road) that could be done on the day. She also meticulously costed out every item so she knew how much profit she would make per box.


The week before the bake Mia’s Mum put a status on her Facebook page asking if anyone would like to order. She only posted it on her own page and on the Brownie page which only has current Brownie parents in the group. Mia was both excited and nervous and on that Friday and asked  “What we would do if we got no orders??”.She need not have worried!! By the time she went to bed on the Friday she had orders for 54 boxes and when she woke up on Saturday she had 70 orders! Mum had to call time on the orders on the Saturday evening when they reached 90 boxes!! However in the end last week Mia (with Mum’s help) made 97 boxes of cakes with 8 items in each box!

From finishing school on Friday Mia never stopped. She worked until 10pm on Friday night and  prepped 12 lots of flaky pastry and then made 100 chocolate aztec biscuits.

Then on Saturday she started at 5.45am with Mum on hand to help. On both Saturday and Sunday Mia rolled and cooked 11 trays of flaky pastry, made 4 lots of creme patisserie, put together 50 vanilla slices (including feathered icing) and had to finish 100 eclairs and 50 cupcakes and make 50 pieces of rocky road! Once all the boxes went out on Saturday, she had to then start again making the biscuits for Sunday. She worked 16 hours on Saturday and 13 hours on Sunday. It was an absolute mammoth task, but she did it!!

Every single one of the 97 boxes we prepared was collected or delivered (the family offered a delivery service for an extra £1 and Dad and brother did all the deliveries each day).

In addition to the money from the cake boxes Mia had huge donations sent to her from friends and family who were too far away for the cakes. Mum and Dad’s work colleagues also sent donations and many people paid way above the £6 charge Mia set for the boxes.

The net result from her efforts is the total she has raised currently stands over £1500.  Mia has decided to split the money between the Brownies and her local Food Bank.

Well done from everyone at Canon Slade!