You may be aware that for a number of years our year seven students have been offered the opportunity to select a second language to be studied in year eight alongside the Spanish course they started in year seven. The two additional languages offered are French and Latin. This process has enabled many students to enjoy learning two languages simultaneously, and they have welcomed the challenge this brings.


We would like to inform you that there will be a change to this process this year. All students will continue to study Spanish, and some students who have demonstrated significant ability in Spanish this year will be asked to express a preference for French or Latin, which they will study as well as Spanish. These students will attend two hours of Spanish lessons each week, and two hours of French or Latin. They may also choose to continue with only Spanish if this is their preference. We will contact the families of these students directly in order to provide additional details of the options process.


Those who study Spanish in year eight without the second language will attend three hours of Spanish lessons each week, which will enable them to focus on continuing to make excellent progress in one language. This additional hour of Spanish will be a welcome opportunity for students to study Spanish at a slightly slower pace, thus allowing them to develop and consolidate both linguistic knowledge and master key skill areas so that these are very well developed by the end of year eight. They will therefore be in the strongest possible position to opt for GCSE Spanish should they wish to do so.


We are very proud of the progress all of our year seven students have made in Spanish this year, and hope that they all continue to enjoy their language learning as they move into year eight in September.

Photo by Leonardo Toshiro Okubo on Unsplash