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9th September 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome everyone to the new school year and welcome back from the six weeks of this summer holiday. Whether you went near or far, I hope that it was a long and refreshing break for you. Welcome to families joining us for the first time with Year 7 and/or Year 12 students. We hope that the school year ahead of us all is a happy and successful one where we know God’s guidance and blessing over all that lies ahead.

This Newsletter usually heads home on the second Friday of each month but we are slightly delayed this time – for a reason which will become obvious in a moment.

But first, a warm welcome to staff joining us this September: Mrs Holden and Miss Lockey are teaching Religious Studies, while Mr Maguire, Miss Best and Miss Patel are teaching in the English department. Mrs Love, Miss Fletcher and Mr Hill have joined us to teach Maths, although Mr Hill also teaches some science, alongside Miss White, newly arrived this term as well.

Mrs Costello has joined us as our new Head of PE, and she also has Mr Dickinson in her department from this month too. Mrs Appleyard joins us to teach within the Languages department and Mr Broomhead does some Music teaching alongside the instrumental tuition.

Mrs Bailey has joined us as our newly appointed Data Administrator, and Mr Giles is part of the cover supervisory team.
We are glad that they have joined us and look forward to their contributions to the life of the school. Some of them have been here before – as members of staff or as pupils themselves in earlier years! We wish them every success and happiness in their service of our young people.

Year 7 and Year 12 students have made a very good start and a very good impression as these two ‘new’ year groups have joined us. As you know, there are 287 pupils in Year 7, so they are our biggest year group. Well done to all students for a smooth and very positive start to the year.

Now for the reason for this delay: our chaplain, Rev Paul Wallington, will be leaving the school at the end of October, in order to take up a new post as a school chaplain in Winchester. We shall miss him so much from the life and the care of the school. The delayed letter was to allow him time to tell people in person rather than through the newsletter. We shall need to say more about him next month, but we are grateful indeed for his God-given ministry among us all and wish him most well as he follows his calling to his new school.

All good wishes for the term and year ahead, with thanks as always for your encouragement and support. May we know God’s blessing upon our school and in our work, over our communities and in our lives.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mottershead


Pastoral staff for this year ahead

Year 7

Head of Year: Mrs Corner

Assistant Heads of Year
Mrs Hall, Mr Pettitt

Pastoral assistant
Mr Stephenson

Year 8

Head of Year: Mrs Colley

Assistant heads of year:
Miss Scott,Mr Harrison-Scott

Pastoral Assistant:
Miss Leach

Year 9

Head of Year: Miss Manning

Assistant Heads of Year:
Mrs Ball,Mr Nelson

Pastoral Assistant:
Ms Regan

 Year 10

Head of Year: Mr Roberts

Assistant Heads of Year:
Mrs Broxson,Mr Stayte

Pastoral Assistant:
Mr Humphreys

Year 11

Head of Year: Mrs Easton

Assistant Heads of Year:
Mr Robinson, Ms Rigby

Pastoral Assistant:
Mr Amatt

Year 12

Head of Year: Mrs Foster

Assistant Head of Year

Pastoral Assistant
Mrs Griffiths

Year 13

Head of Year:
Mr James Foulger

Assistant Heads of Year

Pastoral Assistant:
Mrs Griffiths



The usual reminder at this point in the school year that there is an email address for parents and
carers if there is a question or an issue about a student’s care or well-being:


Should you have an academic concern, please direct that to the relevant department. If your
concern is of a pastoral or safeguarding nature, please contact the relevant Head of Year or any of
the Safeguarding officers.

Safeguarding officer/Deputy Head
Mrs Jackson

Assistant Safeguarding officer/Assistant
Head Mrs Smith

Assistant Safeguarding officer/Assistant
Head Dr Eves

Pastoral matters

It has been a pleasure to welcome the students into their new ‘year groups and we are very pleased with the way in which they have settled. Behaviour is excellent both in and out of lessons and there is plenty of learning taking place. Maintaining high standards is a key focus and we would like to thank parents and carers for all the support given to the school in ensuring that your children arrive in the correct uniform, equipped and on time. We would like to just draw your attention to a few points.


Please check the information provided on the website to ensure your child is coming to school wearing the correct uniform and appropriate footwear. It may be especially helpful if you view the visual guide to footwear which can be found under the uniform section. Please also note that no jewellery is permitted and light make up is a privilege granted only to Year 11 students.

Heads of Year will be sending letters home to those students who are not wearing the correct uniform and we welcome your support in rectifying any issues as soon as possible. Your child has also been given a uniform card which staff will sign to indicate that uniform is not being worn properly. This card is checked regularly by Form tutors and we would ask that you also monitor it.

Mobile phones

These must be switched off during lessons and must not be visible in any of the buildings except the dining rooms at break and lunch. There are clear notices displayed around school to remind students and failure to follow the guidance will result in the phone being confiscated and retained overnight in line with school policy.

A year for big changes to the curriculum

This new school year sees the arrival of significant changes to the curriculum as we move through the big national changes, particularly at GCSE and at A level.

We have kept our broad offer of 14 subjects in Years 7 and 8, maintaining the importance of breadth as well as a second language and our arts provision too. We have altered Year 9, allowing students to take 12 subjects with some more depth, in preparation for the big new GCSEs that will lie ahead of them in years to come. This is the first year for this to happen and we hope that it works well.

Year 10 students beginning their GCSE studies now face the new and frankly bigger courses in all subjects. We have maintained 10 subjects for them, continuing with the 4 lessons each for English and Maths, and with Triple and Double Science being offered to students. Most of their subjects will now be grades from 9-1, and there will be much less coursework for them to do during the two years – but then more exams at the end of Year 11.

Our current Year 11, who started this process last year, continue with that provision and have most of their GCSE grades under the A*-G system, whereas their English and Maths will be on the new 9-1 scheme.

Year 12 this year will find most of their courses under the new linear system, with no AS exams but the end of two-year course examinations. A few will still be what are termed ‘legacy’ where the AS modular system still obtains, most notably in Maths. Year 13 students have a bigger mixture of linear and legacy.

Times of transition for us as for all secondary schools …

Examination results 2016

At A level, we were pleased with the students’ results, and delighted for them in their successes. Many have gone on to very good university and apprenticeship places this Autumn, including Oxbridge.

A quarter of all grades were A*/A and 60% of grades at A level were A* A or B. The overall pass rate of 99% was also very pleasing.

At GCSE, we enter the first year of the new performance measures. We have held our own compared with 2015, in terms of the ‘old’ figure of students gaining 5 or more GCSEs at grade C or above including English and Maths at 74%. There were many excellent performances at the top end, as it were, and our A*/A grades were up by 1% to 27%.

There were impressive subject performances again in Maths and English, with both scoring over 80% grades at A*-C, and English Literature did superbly again as it had last year. So did a range of subjects including Geography and Geology, and all of the arts – Art, Music, Drama and Dance – PE, Graphics, and Textiles, and there were very positive steps forward in Science too.

Well done to all of our students and to the staff for all their hard work. Thanks as always to parents and carers for encouragement and support, for the students (of course!) and also for us.

Best wishes to the exam classes of 2017…

Learning and Teaching update

Written Feedback: How Work is Marked

As a result of evaluating our previous marking policy, we have revised how we will be marking pupils’ work in order to have more impact on their progress.

Pupils’ work will be marked in green, which many teachers have been doing already.Research has shown that effective feedback has a high positive impact on learning. The research suggests that feedback is best directed at the task and process level, and also suggests that it should be:

  • about challenging tasks or goals (rather than easy ones);
  • given sparingly (i.e. not an overwhelming amount for pupils to focus on);
  • more important to give feedback about what is right than what is wrong;
  • important to be as specific as you can and, if possible, compare what they are doing right now with what they have done previously;
  • it should encourage them, and not threaten their self-esteem, in order to build resilience.


This should relate to the focus for the evidence of learning assessed. This should be specific and explain what makes something good, e.g. ‘Very impressed with your skills in reading bar charts’, or ‘You have included relevant and developed ideas’.

EBI – even better if/ WHAT THEY CAN IMPROVE

Targets for improvement will be specific and include a task to complete, which will either improve the outcomes the teacher has marked or will develop a specific skill.

Pupils will be given specific time in lessons; during this time they will complete the tasks to improve their learning. This is an extremely important part of the feedback process. Pupils will use purple pens to do this in lessons, so their improvements should be clear to you as a parent/carer.

MRI – My response is

WHERE THEY ARE NOW and pupils peer or self-assess in lessons.

Students will be expected to use the ‘WWW’/EBI/MRI formula and to have their own purple pen.

As a result of this more detailed marking, we are asking staff to mark exercise books in this way:

Key Stage 3 Non core subjects one piece of work every six to eight lessons.
Core subjects two pieces of work every six to eight weeks.

Key Stage 4 Two pieces of marking every six to eight weeks

Sixth Form Complete written feedback every three weeks.


Mrs A Iles
Assistant Headteacher – Teaching and Learning



Monitoring and reporting pupils’ progress this year

This school year sees the major changes in assessment coming together for secondary schools. The new Year 7 is the first year group which does not bring National Curriculum Levels with them. The incoming Year 10 is following most of the new GCSE course, where the grading system is 9-1. The incoming Year 12 will have most of it’s A level courses as the new linear A levels, with exams at the end of Year 13 instead of AS modules in Year 12.

There is no national system for schools to follow in monitoring progress for students in Years 7 to 9. Rather schools are being left to devise our own approach, although some companies have been keen to produce alternative packages which schools can buy into. What we do agree about is that using a level or grade too early can restrict a pupil’s aspirations for their progress.

Therefore, this year we have adapted our way of tracking and reporting pupils’ progress. Most of our pupils will have arrived at Canon Slade with a range of assessment data from their end of primary school assessments. This data will be used to predict how well each pupil is likely to achieve at GCSE level. This year, when we report to parent and carers in Years 7 and 8, we will simply give an indication of whether the child is making the expected progress in order to work towards achieving this grade.

In the first term of Year 9 we will do the same. Then in the second half of Year 9 and throughout Year 10 and 11 we will indicate to parents and carers the target, current and forecast grade, using the GCSE grades, for each pupil in each subject in order to allow parents and carers to support their children during their GCSE studies. We will do the same for students on A level courses, looking at target grade (based on GCSE successes) forecast and current grades using the A level grades.

Throughout all year groups, pupils will always be aware of the skills that they are developing and the individual steps that they need to make in order to improve – details can be found in your child’s exercise books. We will continue to monitor each child’s progress very carefully at an individual level to ensure that all pupils are achieving in line with their ability.

We will also continue to report on the behaviour, effort, and the quality of homework from each child. Parents and carers will receive one Report and two Interim Reviews each academic year.

This is a new system, and following the receipt of your child’s first Interim Review we would appreciate any feedback that you may have.

Thank you

Mrs J Smith
Assistant headteacher – pupil progress in Years 7-11

Dr B Eves
Assistant headteacher – pupil progress Years 12-13

Chaplaincy news

Worship Themes We’ve already spent quite a lot of time thinking of the key Christian qualities of peace and love, so this half term our focus is on the other fruits of the Spirit and how we can develop them.

The weekly themes are:

General Theme – Fruits Week beginning

September 5th – Joy

September 12th – Patience

September 19th – Kindness

September 26th – Goodness

October 3rd – Faithfulness

October 10th – Gentleness

October 17th – Self Control


Most of this term’s Year Communions take place next half term during Advent. However, the exceptions to this are Year 7, who have theirs early to introduce them to how we do communion in school, and Year 11, as they have mock exams next half term. The dates are:

September 22nd – Year
7 October 10th – Year 11


The Library Page


We are looking forward to meeting the year 7 students and encouraging them in their choice of reading and reading habits. All year 7 will undertake an Accelerated Reader computer Star Test which provides information that will help teachers and the librarian in guiding the student to books that may either support or challenge them in their reading journey. We value reading as an important part of education and for pleasure. Further details about Accelerated Reader are available on the Canon Slade Library website:

and also specific details will be sent home with students in the next few weeks.

Our first promotion and display for the year is our ‘Recommended Reads’ for all year groups. All booklists are available at http://www.canon-slade.bolton.sch.uk/library/book-lists/ and aim to cater for all tastes and interests. Many of the books featured on the list are available to borrow from the library. Students in Year 8 and 9 will also be taking part in the ‘Reading Bingo’ activity which they will receive via the English department and will be kept in the student’s workbook.

The library catalogue Eclipse.net (hosted) is available for students and parents to access anywhere, anytime. This will allow students to check the books they have on loan, reserve books and even write and record video reviews and view recommended reads. They will be able to search the resources, see the latest and most popular titles.
Access by computer is https://u005966.microlibrarian.net or by downloading an app iMLS on mobile or tablet device. Students will require their barcode (dinner card number eg. 010234) and date of birth (eg. 10102001). Please do not hesitate to contact the library if you have any questions.

The Scholastic book fair will be in the library from Tuesday 26th September – Friday 30th September. Students will have the opportunity to browse and buy during morning breaks and at lunchtime. There will be over 200 titles of new and popular books and for your information there is a facility to download gift vouchers at http://www.bookfairs.scholastic.co.uk/parents so that students do not need to bring money into school. The library makes excellent commission from all sales and it helps the library to buy new books for everyone to enjoy.

The library encourages students to visit the library at break time and lunchtime to borrow books, quiet reading, and research and to participate in the clubs. This year the following clubs are planned for the autumn term; Words on Wednesday (year 7 & 8 only) and Friday Book Quiz Club (all years welcome). There will also be the opportunity for a group of year 7 students to participate in the Kid’s Literature Quiz in November and the shortlisting ceremony at Bolton School.

The library issues books for two weeks and books are charged at one penny per day if overdue. Note we do not include weekends and holidays. Money raised is donated to the library charity World Vision. Students are sent two reminders in school before we contact home. Please would parents and carers encourage their child to be responsible borrowers of library books?

Music Examination Achievements

We are very pleased to announce that the pupils listed below have recently taken music exams and have achieved the following:-

Clarinet Saxophone & Flute:
Carys Barnes, 12EClarinet - Grade 5Pass
Alisha Hogan, 1OLClarinet-Grade2Pass
Irene John, 1OLClarinet-Grade2Pass
Hannah Lay, 8TClarinet-Grade2Merit
Megan Roscoe, 13HSaxophone - Grade 8Distinction
Alice Saunders, iONClarinet-Grade 3Pass
Jenson Southern, liTSaxophone - Grade 5Pass
Lydia Winnard, liBFlute-Grade3Pass
Abigael Ayoo, liTGrade5Distinction
Lucy Calvert, 9HGrade 3Merit
Sophie Dawes, licGrade 5Merit
Megan Drew, hRGrade 5Distinction
Catriona Gorton, 1ORGrade 4Merit
Abbie Hayes, 8SGrade 2Distinction
Carys Holden, 100Grade 4Merit
Helena Lathwell-Watts,85Grade 2Merit
charlotte Lomax, 9HGrade 3Pass
Victoria Lyon, licGrade 5Distinction
Connie McMullen, 9RGrade 3Merit
Rose Mullins, 9RGrade3Merit
Emily Nixon-Sims, 10HGrade4Pass
Madeleine Perks, lOSGrade4Distinction
Emily Prentice, 8HGrade 2Distinction
Ruth Sumsion, 90Grade3Distinction
Zoe Taylor, 10HGrade4Merit
Eleanor Wilkinson, lOBGrade4Merit
Amelia Winterbottom,hRGrade 2Distinction

More instrumental music exam results will follow in the next Parent Newsletter.

We would like to give our warmest congratulations to all the above students for their excellent achievements.

School Concerts 2016/17

For your information the concerts to be held during the 2016/17 academic year are as follows:

Christmas Concert
Monday, 19 December 2016 at 7pm All Ensembles. (To be held this year in the Victoria Hall..!)

Carol Services Wednesday 21 December 2016

Senior Ensembles: 10am -11am (Held at Victoria Hall, Knowsley St, Bolton, Lancashire, BL1 2AS)

Junior Ensembles: 2pm – 3pm

Gala Concert Wednesday, 5 April 2017 at 7 pm

Mainly Senior Ensembles (but please check with the Music staff) (Held in the Millennium Chapel)

Junior Showcase Wednesday, 14 June 2017 at 7pm

Mainly Junior Ensembles (Held In the Millennium Chapel)

Please note that dates for all Concerts throughout the academic year are also available on the school website:


Many thanks.

Mr A Pettitt Head of Music

Recitals 2016-2017

The school hosts classical music recitals on various Wednesday afternoons during the year and these are open to anyone to attend … for a small fee! We also use them as one of the ways of ensuring that our students have the chance to hear live music.

Afternoon Recital – Wednesday 5th October at 2pm.

Canon Slade’s first Afternoon Recital of the year will take place on Wednesday 5th October at 2pm in the Millennium Chapel hosted by the music department. All school vocal ensembles and choirs will be involved plus solo vocal items.

All of Year 7 will be invited to attend the event and we warmly invite parents/carers too to support the event. Tickets are £5 on the door.

Forthcoming events and information of interest

Year 10 Oxford trip

A group of 21 students and 3 staff will be heading for Oxford University to stay at Balliol College and to take part in the Open Day activities on Friday 16TH September. As with last year, this is an opportunity for them to set their sights high for GCSE and A level, in pursuit of a top university place. Our thanks to parents and carers for your support for this visit.

Culture Club

The English department’s Culture Club is running a series of trips to the theatre every term this year.
We will be attending evening shows at venues such as The Octagon in Bolton, The Lowry in Salford and The Royal Exchange in Manchester for classic and modern takes on stories by famous authors, contemporary playwrights and Shakespeare too.

Spaces will always be at a premium, limited to either 15 or 30 depending on show and transport availability; as soon as students hear of the next trip in the bulletin, they should ask at the English department for a letter so that they can book a space ASAP! The seats are offered on a first booked, first reserved basis to anyone aged between 11-16 with an affection for, or interest in seeing exciting, live performance.

Canon Slade Association AGM

This will be held in the Library on Tuesday 29th September at 7.00pm and all parents and carers are welcome to come along. Cheese/wine and other refreshments, and an opportunity to hear what CSA has been doing and plans for the year ahead – and, of course, how to become involved if you would like to be. Japanese Visit

We are still looking for host families who would be willing to host a female Japanese student from Thursday 23rd March to Sunday 2nd April 2017. The students are aged between 14 and 18. They are visiting from our link school, Poole Gakuin, in Osaka. Whilst hosting a foreign student is a huge commitment, it is also a fantastic opportunity to learn about other cultures and build life-long friendships. If you would like to take part in this exciting opportunity please contact Mrs Ball (Head of Languages) for further information.

A sincere thank you to all of those who have already offered to host a student. I will send home further details of an information evening later this term, once final host families have been confirmed. Mrs Ball – Head of Languages


The Day (www.theday.co.uk)

The CSA currently funds our school subscription to a current affairs website called The Day. It is aimed at all pupils and sixth form students. There are activities, quizzes and worksheets to go along with most articles which many pupils and students will find beneficial. The school username and password are available from the VLE / Moodle under the Library section.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Members of staff organise various activities during a year to raise funds for good causes and each year we start with the coffee morning at the end of September.

It would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday this month. To include students in the MacMillan Coffee Morning, we wonder if they (not parents or carers..!!!) would like to make cakes, buns etc inspired by Roald Dahl stories which could then be judged (Mrs Cairns has agreed to give a prize for the best one). These cakes would need to be brought in on the morning of Thursday 29th September, to the library, where judging will be done at break time. Cakes will then be cut up and sold by the pupils on the Friday (or taken home if the baker would prefer) and money raised go to MacMillan cause.

Year 11 Work Experience

An early reminder the parents and carers of our Year 11 students that they will be out on Work Experience from Monday 17th October – Friday 21st October. Students should all be aware of this, awake, etc and a confirming letter will be coming out soon. Careers Convention

This will take place on Thursday 24th November in the school and details will be coming home nearer the time. Please book the evening in your diaries in advance though.

Canon Slade Association Fashion Show

Save the date ..! This is happening in school on Friday 14th October. Tickets will be on sale soon.

Canon Slade Association Bags to school

This is happening on Friday 21st October. This is a collection for unwanted clothes and bedding, not at all connected to the previous item!

Science textbooks

Parents and carers are advised that science textbooks are no longer being issued to students. Course relevant digital text book[s] and learning resources are available on www.kerboodle.com

Classes and students are presently being enrolled on Kerboodle and science staff would strongly recommend that students make full use of these resources.


Canon Slade Association

CSA 200 Club


Dear Parent/Carer,

As you may know CSA runs a 200 Club! If you joined the club in a previous year your re-enrollment would be greatly appreciated. If you would like further information please read on….

For a one off payment of £15.00 for the year, you will be allocated one number between 1-200 (you can buy as many numbers as you like, even ask friends and family if they would like to join in) then each month between October and July all the numbers will be entered into a draw and 3 numbers will be picked out during a CSA meeting or other school event.

1st Prize £100.00/2nd Prize £30.00/3rd Prize £20.00

All the numbers go back into the draw ready for the following month, so if you are very lucky you could win up to 10 times during the school year! Winning numbers and names will be printed in the school newsletter and in the Canon Slade Association web page and under the Letters Home section of the main website


We really hope you will join us. If you would like to take part, or renew your enrollment, please complete the reply slip below and return to school for the attention of Mrs Cairns in the Library as soon as possible. Please make cheques payable to Canon Slade School or pay on-line using the school on-line payment system.

For the latest Canon Slade Association information, articles and 200 club winners announcements, please go to the:

Canon Slade Association Pages

Diary dates in the first half term of the school year

Monday, 19
September Year 7 Pastoral Evening

Monday, 19 September to Friday, 23 September
Year 9 Residential Trip

Thursday, 22 September
Year 7 Communion

Wednesday, 28 September
Year 6 Open Evening

Friday, 30 September
MacMillan Coffee Morning

Tuesday, 4 October
Year 12 Pastoral Evening

Wednesday, 5 October
Wednesday afternoon recital

Monday, 10 October
Year 11 Communion

Tuesday, 13 October
Bolton Futures4me Event

Friday, 14 October
CSA Fashion Show

Wednesday, 19 October
Year 13 Interview Evening

Thursday, 20 October
E-Safety and Well Being Evening

Monday, 17 October to Friday, 21 October
Year 11 Work Experience


Holidays 2016/2017

Autumn Term

Staff Day: Monday, 5 September 2016
Term Begins: Tuesday, 6 September 2016
Half Term: Monday, 24 October to Friday, 28 October 2016
Term Ends: Wednesday, 21 December 2016 (Carol Services)

Spring Term

Staff Days: Thursday, 5 January and Friday, 6 January 2017
Term Begins: Monday, 9 January 2017
Half Term: Monday, 20 February to Friday, 24 February 2017
Term Ends: Friday, 7 April 2017

Summer Term

Term Begins: Monday, 24 April 2017
Bank Holiday: Monday, 1 May 2017
Founder’s Day: Friday, 12 May 2017
Half Term: Monday, 29 May to Friday, 2 June 2017
Term Ends: Friday, 21 July 2017