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11th  November 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Some words by way of explanation … it has been a joy to be here and to be back here. I purposed to serve for five years and possibly for seven, but things change and are changing, in school and in the national picture of education, as well as in my own family.

My tenure of the headship post here was inevitably a transitional one. In April 2017, all going to plan for the academy conversion, we shall become an academy and part of a (very small) multi-academy trust. In turn, that will be part of the reshaping of education in the borough and in the diocese, as well as part of the wider picture. It is over 100 years since local authorities were given the statutory duty to provide education in their area and the funds to do so. From April next year as well, most of those duties and most of that funding are reallocated.

It therefore does feel the right time for the school in the bigger picture of things not to have a transitional headteacher but a longer term one. I hope that I have given the governors of the school the best time scale for making such an appointment.

We have always maintained and tried together to develop the wider and deeper aspects of education for every student. We have sustained the arts in the curriculum as well as beyond it, in our concerts and shows. We continue to emphasise the spiritual and cultural, the moral and social responsibility parts of education, and the growth of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme in the school from a student initiative has been most welcome, as has our continued commitment to sports. I hope that all such things will always thrive in our school and in all of our schools.

However, the continued downward change in schools’ funding is not welcome, nor will it make things at all easy for any school in the next few years. At the same time, primary and secondary schools alike find ourselves required to be the producers of outcome data on student performance. Exam results are important indeed – but the impact that those pressures are having, on students and families across the country as well as upon the staff of schools, is not good or right.

At the same time, the changes in my own family circumstances, with all of the demands that these will bring, also mean that it is right that I give those more of my time and commitment than I have been able to do over the past couple of years.

Thank you therefore for all of your support and encouragement and sorry that I am leaving earlier than I had planned.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mottershead


News Update

Fashion Show

Thank you for all your support for this CSA event and to all from CSA involved in the organisation of a very good evening. Mrs Horner, Assistant Headteacher, represented the school formally at the event as I was told it was not really of interest to gentlemen, there being two cardigans and a sweatshirt on offer towards the end…! Over £500 was raised for CSA funds which will come back into the school to help with our enrichment activities with students.

Year 11 Work Experience

This was a really good and successful week for our students. During that week we did not receive a single phone call or notification of any concerns. We are still receiving feedback from employers and students, and everything is very positive so far.

Some parents have also contacted the school to say how valuable it was to their son/daughter. Many thanks to all parents and carers for your support for this venture, particularly with arrangements and transport – it is much appreciated.

Our thanks also go to a great number of local employers and businesses across the town and much more widely too for accommodating our students for the whole in the midst of everything else.

Finally, thanks to Mrs Cullum our Careers Co-ordinator, for all of the excellent organisation and work she put into making sure that the week happened well.

Year 11 Study Skills Day

All Year 11 students were off timetable for two lessons on Friday 4th November. A team of external coaches came in to talk study-skills and high achievement with them in a variety of venues across the school. We felt that it was timely and very good for students to hear different voices and different ideas about how to revise efficiently and effectively.

Sixth Form Open Evening

We had a very good evening indeed, with over 400 students attending and a real sense of excitement and commitment as we plan our Year 12 admissions, curriculum and enrichment for September 2017. Thank you very much to our own students and to the many from other schools who came along and were enthused – we trust – by what they heard. Our thanks to Dr Eves and the Sixth Form Leadership Team for all of the organisation and input into the event. Thanks too to all teaching staff for their great contributions to the evening.

We look forward to a strong Year 12 joining us in September as our Sixth Form moves forward and to receiving applications in due course.

Year 11 Parents’ Evening

Thank you very much to the many parents and carers who came to talk about work and progress at the (very) recent consultation evening. It felt purposeful and timely, and we hope that students and families gained much from their discussions. It was also very busy, with a good attendance and late finish – many thanks to all parents and carers for being with us and for the extra endurance of those who were here till almost 9pm..!

andy-briggsThe Library Page

Andy Briggs – the visiting author for year 8 on November 9th – was a huge success. Andy enthralled his audience with details about his books and the many reasons why writing is important in everyday life.

One year 8 boy was so inspired that at home after the event spent two hours writing his own story. After the session books were available to buy and sign by Andy.

Andy was so impressed by the behaviour of year 8 students and commented that their manners were fabulous.



He loved the enthusiasm and engagement of the audience. andy-briggs-group-1-jpgThe books Andy promoted are all available from the school library. To find out more about this amazing author please have a look at his website

We are so excited that the famous Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell is visiting Canon Slade School on Wednesday 16th November.

We are hosting the event on behalf of Bolton Schools Libraries Service and seven other schools will attend the event. A group of our year 7 students are fortunate to have been selected to listen to Chris Riddell.

It is a going to be an amazing event.

The annual Bolton Children’s Fiction Award 2017

bolton-childrens-fiction-award-2017-shortlisthas been announced by Bolton School. It provides the opportunity for students to take part in something special and they are invited to read all six books on the shortlist; voting for their favourite in May. Students who have read all the books are then given the chance to meet the authors and take part in workshops at Bolton School in July. The award is open to all year groups and students can sign up to take part in the library.

independent-learningThe library promoted independent learning and the resources available to students at the successful Sixth Form open evening on Thursday 3rd November.

The school library website provides guidance to all students on researching and using resources.

Research Tools – Information Literacy

Accelerated Reader Year 7

It is recommended that parents/carers register to use Home Connect to support your child and set up the email alert to keep updated with your child’s quizzing.

This link is also available from the Canon Slade Library website:

Library books

eclipsePlease could parents/carers remind students to check on dates for returning or renewing library books?
A considerable number of books are overdue and other students may be waiting.

We welcome parents to browse our library catalogue to help support their child in book choice. Students have their own personal log in if they require to reserve a book, write a review or just to look at the books they have on loan.

Login details are Username: ID badge number eg 001234 or 012345, Password: date of birth.
Students having any problems can ask the librarians for help.

Forthcoming Events

Last year’s Year 11 Presentation Evening

We look forward very much to welcoming Year 11 students and their families back to school together for their GCSE certificates and awards evening. Mrs Carol Brooking, our recently retired Head of PE, will be our presenter and chief guest. We are delighted that she has accepted our invitation, doubly so as she was a form tutor to a Year 11 group last year.

Careers Convention

Thursday 24th November 6.30-8.30pm

We are holding a Careers Convention once again this year. This event is open to all students and parents from Years 9-13. Delegates from Colleges, Universities, Training Providers, The Armed Forces, Public Services and the Business Sector have been invited.

In previous years this has been a very popular event and given valuable insight and guidance to students in thinking and planning their future career.

If you are an employer or work for an organisation who would like to take part in this event as a delegate, please contact our Careers Coordinator, Mrs M Cullum (
Letters will be sent home nearer the time with further details.

Year 11 Mock Exams

These important exams begin for Year 11 students on Monday 28th November and they last for 9 school days. On Friday 9th December, straight after their exams, there will be a Taster Day for the year group to have a look at A level lessons.

Inter-form Tiddlywinks

Year 11 forms have started but it is not going well for the Staff team … we are heading to the grand final on Thursday 17th November. The trophy is a green teapot full of chocolates.

Then it will be Year 12 starting their competition, before we go into Year 10 in January ..!

Lego Club

We are running a Lego club for Year 7 and Year 8 every week and at the moment equipment is being shared. If you have any unwanted pieces of Lego then we would be glad to take them from you! Please bring them/send them in to Reception and they are on their way to Mrs Corner. Thank you.

Canon Slade Concert Band in an Afternoon Recital

Wednesday 14th December at 2pm.

On Wednesday, 14 December at 2pm in the Chapel, Canon Slade’s Concert Band will be performing a concert of Christmas Music with a variety of seasonal favourites. The Concert Band is led by its musical director Mr Tom Moore.

Tickets are available on the door for £5 and everybody is welcome.

Christmas Concert – Monday 19th December

at 7pm at Victoria Hall, Bolton.

On Monday, 19 December all music ensembles will be performing at Canon Slade’s Christmas Concert. This is the first time we have held our Christmas Concert at Victoria Hall which will allow pupils to watch their peers. In addition there will be no restriction on the number of tickets parents and carers can purchase as there had been in previous years.

Expect a wide ranging programme of Christmas music to include Concert Band, the string orchestras, Chapel Choir, Voiceworx, Folk Band, Lads’ Vocal to name a few but many more too.

All pupils who have instrumental lessons in school are required to rehearse in preparation for and perform in the concert.

All pupils should be at Victoria Hall on the day of the concert for 5.30 pm for a seating rehearsal.

A letter will be shortly going home giving details of how to purchase tickets from Mrs Rimmer in the Box Office. Tickets are priced at £6 and £5 concessions.



During the course of this year the Religious Studies Department is taking Year 7 on two visits to three different places of worship in Bolton, working in partnership with the Bolton Interfaith Council. The visits support important work that the department does throughout the year and enables pupils to think carefully about different places of worship and their importance for believers.

This last week Year 7 visited Bolton Parish Church; thoroughly enjoying the experience. They spent time looking for clues as to why it’s a place of worship, looking for similarities and differences between Bolton Parish Church and their own place of worship and reflecting on how it made them feel. Canon Thompson commended the students on their impeccable behaviour; they were a credit to you and our school. Mrs Braithwaite RS Department



Information update

Academy developments

This work has been going on slowly and carefully behind the scenes. It has now reached an important stage: on Tuesday 1st November we presented our case for becoming an academy to the Standing Committee of the Diocesan Board of Education for Manchester. They have given their consent for us to apply for an order from the Secretary of State to become an academy.

Meanwhile we are conducting due diligence checks across the school, and we are beginning to approach the forms we have to fill in. We are proceeding with a view to submitting these by early February 2017 with a possible date for becoming an academy in April 2017.

In spite of the withdrawal of the Education Bill which would have required all schools to become an academy, we still believe that this is the right route for us to go down. The Diocese of Manchester has encouraged and approved of this move as has Bolton Local Authority. Funding for their part in school improvement is being withdrawn from all local authorities by April next and the expectation is that schools will now work together in partnership. This will be at the heart of the education strategy for the coming years.

Our partnership continues to be with St James’s C of E High School, and with Bolton St Catherine’s. We are glad to be focussed on providing the best possible all round education within our Christian schools as we can. We are proposing that the Multi-Academy Trust will be called The Bishop Fraser Trust. It is being named after the 19th century Bishop of Manchester who pioneered education in the diocese and the city. More of his story later in the year, but it does seem a fitting name for us.

We continue to work on an ‘as is’ basis – the same names for each school, our own admissions policies, the same pay and conditions for staff employed at each school as now. We also look forward to new opportunities for us all through the partnership and more widely.

Appointing our next chaplain

This post has been re-advertised and we hope to hold interviews in early December. It is aimed at ordained ministers within the Church of England – so if you know of one who might..!

Please pray for us as we seek to make this important appointment in the life of the school. Thank you.

Pre-owned uniform

We have been very grateful to members of CSA over recent years for their work in organising our pre-owned uniform ‘exchange’, and to one parent in particular, who has cleaned, sorted, stored and then distributed items according to requests and needs. Many thanks.

We are now organising this differently: if any parent/carer has pre-owned uniform which is in good condition, and which you would like to donate to the school, then we would be happy to receive that. Please could it be washed and name-tapes removed etc. before it comes into school. It can be handed in at Reception.

We are then storing it in school and, if any family does at any point find the costs of our uniform tough going, then please contact the Head of Year – in confidence – and we are happy to see what can be done.

Ties – we are always more than happy to be given pre-owned ties! Thank you.

Remembrance Service

We held our annual service in the Chapel on Friday 11th November. Representatives from each form in the school were present, and many were wearing their cadet or uniformed organisation’s uniform. The Head Girl and Head Boy read out the list of names from the War Memorials and laid the wreaths for us. The Last Post was sounded – as it was across the school by several musicians – and the silence was kept.

Year 8 – Dementia Friends

Just before half term Year 8 were visited by Joani Beale who is a volunteer for Dementia Awareness. Joani ran 10 sessions (1 per form), teaching Year 8 pupils about Dementia, how to support people with dementia and how people’s perception of the disease varies.

A great example of people’s perception of dementia was a scenario based game where everyone got a card with a description on it about a person. They needed to keep their own card secret. When Joani asked a question people were asked to take a step forward if they thought their ‘person’ would be able to do it. Questions varied from ‘Would they be able to make a cup of tea?’ to ‘ Would they be able to walk to the shop on their own?’ to ‘Would they be able to follow a TV series?’

As the questions ended, people were at varying points of the room – some were in the middle, some had taken a few steps, some had stayed stood in the same spot. Joani then asked a few people to read out the person described on their card. The ‘person’ was a 73 year old woman with dementia who lived with her partner in their home – everybody had the same description but our perceptions of what they could do were completely different.

At the end of each session each person was asked if they would like to become a Dementia Friend – everyone agreed. A fantastic achievement for Year 8 that 265 pupils (plus 5 staff!) all became dementia friends!

As well as raising awareness for Dementia and training people to become Dementia Friends, Joani also runs a café in Greenmount called D-Caff. This café is for people with Dementia, their carers and family and friends. The café is run purely by volunteers and donations of money, equipment and food/drink/refreshments.

Continuing our work with Joani and D-Caff, selected pupils have been invited to visit and help in D-Caff. Our duties will include helping serve refreshments, taking part in activities, chatting and helping the visitors to the café.

We will be visiting 3 times this year and are hoping to continue the visits and supporting D-Caff for Year 8’s time here at Canon Slade.

Culture Club

So far – we have been to see ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at the Octagon last Thursday (3rd) which was a good event, we hear, and good to be supporting our local theatre.

Year 12 Literature students went MMU for a Literature study day on Wednesday 2nd. We attended lectures on Doctor Faustus and Shakespearean tragedy, and the students very much enjoyed having a sample of undergraduate life. (Particularly coffee shops and free time in Manchester afterwards!)

Instrumental Music Lessons Record Card

Your child will be bringing home an Instrumental Music Lessons Record Card over the next week or so.
This record card will be used by pupils to show to academic teaching staff when they need to leave class in order to attend an instrumental music lesson and will also be shown when pupils return to class following an instrumental music lesson.
Your child’s instrumental music teacher will sign their card each week so that you as parents/carers can see clearly that your child has attended their lesson. A signature from parents/carers is also required on the Record Card each week.

Many thanks

Mr Pettitt – Head of Music

Sports Round-up


Year 7 – Beat Ryburn Valley away in Halifax, in ESFA National Cup R2 by a score of 4-1! Also won 6-1 in ESFA R3 v Deyes High School. We now await the draw for Round 4.

Year 11 Football – ESFA Cup Rd 3 Won … 9-0 vs. Lord Derby Academy, Liverpool
Next fixture: Sale Grammar (a) Friday 18th November.
Friendly – vs Little Lever – Won 5-3
English Schools – Round 3 v Trinity Academy Halifax AWAY – Won 6-3
Round 4 v Heckmondwike Grammar School HOME – Thursday 17th November – kick off 14:30
GM County Cup v Walkden High School Away – Wednesday 16th November – kick off: 14:30
Town Cup Quarter Final v Bolton School – TBC
Under 18 beat Everton Free School 5-2 to progress to R4 of the ESFA National Cup where we will face Cardinal Heenan College – should our heavy pitches allow.


Our Senior teams have made a mixed start to the National competition. After a long trip to an impressive Ellesmere College, we were well beaten in the Mixed B competition.
In the Boys A competition we need wins against Greenhead College and St John Fisher in order to progress to the knockout stage.
In the Girls A competition we play Austin Frairs away in Cumbria for a place in the knockout stages.
In the Mixed A competition, a win at Greenhead College would see us qualify for the knockout stage.


A great start to the season with 2 unbeaten games
vs. St Joseph – A team – 14-4 B team – 15-3
vs. Westhoughton – A team – 11-7 B team – 18-0
Next match: Mount St Joseph (a) Wednesday 16th November
Rugby – Lancashire Cup matches start with our Under 14 and 15 vs. Priesthall, Stockport on Tuesday 15th November at Heaton Moor Rugby club.

Girls Gymnastics

The girls have been training every Monday lunch time preparing routines and practice more complex movements for the Bolton schools gymnastics competition coming up after Christmas, the teams have yet to be selected but it looks like we will be able to enter a five or more teams. A big thank you Abigail Mawhood in Year 11 who comes to help coach the sessions every week.
The girls Trampoline team has been selected and are practicing exceptionally hard at Friday afterschool club till 5.30 pm learning complex sequences and movements to be performed for the first round of the British schools Trampoline competition on Sunday, 4 December at Robin Park arena Wigan.

We are very proud of their commitment and dedication.


Canon Slade hosted the KS4 hockey tournament. We played some strong hockey and looked the favourites to qualify. Canon Slade faced St James in the semi-finals, unfortunately a break away goal knocked us out with a 0-1 defeat.


The intermediate girls’ free style and medley team and the junior boys’ freestyle and medley team have qualified for the English Schools competition at the Olympic Park Aquatic Centre which will be held on Saturday, 19 November.
In preparation for this event the teams have had gala fixtures against Bury Grammar, Bolton School and Turton, with victories in all.

Diary dates for the next couple of months and ahead for next term

Thursday, 17 November
Year 10 Pastoral Evening
Tuesday, 22 November
Ex-Year 11 Presentation Evening
Thursday, 24 November
Careers Convention Years 9 -13
Friday, 25 November
CSA Christmas Fair
Monday, 28 November
Year 13 Parents’ Evening
Monday, 28 November to Friday, 9 December
GCSE Mock Examinations for Year 11

Wednesday, 14 December

Monday, 19 December
Christmas Concert
Tuesday, 20 December
Ex-Year 13 Presentation Evening
Wednesday, 21 December
Carol Services and End of Term

And then, after a Happy Christmas celebration we hope and a very good start to 2017, and with Staff Days on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th January, it all means that students are not due back until …

Monday 9th January …2017
Happy New Year and welcome back to school at the usual time.
Wednesday 11th
Year 9 options evening
Friday 3rd February
Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving at 2.30pm
Friday 10th February
Reports Years 9 and 11, Interim 2 Reviews home for other years

Thursday 16th February
Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Monday 20th – Fri 24th February
half term holiday

Monday 6th March
Year 10 Parents’ evening

6th March – week beginning
It’s SHOW time …

13th March – week beginning
It’s DANCE SHOW time …

Thursday 23rd March
Year 12 Parents’ evening

Friday 24th March onwards
Lent/Easter communion services for each year group

Tuesday 4th April
Year 8 and Year 13 reports home
Thursday 6th April
Year 8 Parents’ evening

Friday 7th April Term ends

csa logoCanon Slade Association News

Please Support the school at our Christmas Fair!

Friday 25th November – 6-8.30pm in the School Hall
(with pasties…!)

The Christmas Fair is on Friday 25th November in the School Hall, from 6-8.30pm. This will be an opportunity to do your Christmas shopping as there will be a wide variety of small local companies who bring their specialty food and crafts to sell at the Fair, in addition to a tombola and a raffle. Refreshments and food will also available, and an extra highlight will be short performances by local primary school choirs. Please put the date in your diaries!

We are currently collecting bottle and chocolate tombola and raffle prizes and would be grateful for any donations. They can be brought to the CSA meeting on 16th November or sent into School for the attention of Mrs Cairns in the Library (please do not send glass bottles or alcohol into school with your students though!).

Next meeting

The next CSA meeting is on Wednesday 16th November at 7pm in the School Library. The meeting will include applications by Heads of Departments for CSA funds. The funds are distributed to support the education of our children by providing resources that are not covered under the normal school budget. The application process takes place once a year and those present at the meeting have the opportunity to vote on the applications, having heard a presentation from a member of the Department that is bidding. All parents, carers, staff and alumni are welcome to the meeting and everyone has an equal vote on the merits of the “bids”.

Fundraising via The Giving Machine.

Thank you to everyone who raises money for CSA whilst doing your on-line shopping via . Just a quick reminder to everyone else to please consider using this facility if you buy anything on-line, even “big money items” such as insurance or holidays! Every purchase, however small, makes a contribution. This time of year is a particularly good time for raising CSA funds!

Here is more information about this fundraising opportunity: ( The Giving Machine is a web page that can be used to access most of the well known on-line and high street retailers and if you go via this page and make a purchase a small percentage of the cost is donated to a charity of your choice. The prices are the same as if you accessed the retailer directly and the retailer makes the donation.

The first time you use the Giving Machine you will need to register as a Giver, and then choose your charity under the Beneficiaries button ( – Canon Slade School Association). After that the only thing you need to do before you shop is go via the Giving Machine website which is just one extra click! We really do appreciate it……….. If you need help registering please contact

Refreshment Rota

If you are interested in helping the CSA but are unable to attend meetings, please consider volunteering for the refreshment rota. CSA provides refreshments at many of the school events and it is a great way to meet new people as well as members of staff. If you are not already on the CSA mailing list and would like to receive information about the refreshment rota opportunities please email


Thank you for your donations of good quality clothes, shoes or bedding for the collection in October. We raised £44 towards CSA funds.

200 Club

The October and November draw will take place at the CSA meeting on 16th November. We wish everyone participating good luck, and thank you for your support.

“Pre-owned” uniform shop

Thank you for your support of the “preowned” uniform shop – this has now closed and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause as we move to the new ‘system’.

Open Committee Positions

The CSA is currently looking for a Chair and Vice Chair for this academic year (and a second year of office if possible). The Chair and Vice Chair are supported by the Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary who are already in position. If you are interested in either of the roles, whether or not you feel you have relevant experience, please contact either or Mr Mottershead directly to further information.

Details of most of the above can be found in the Canon Slade Association section of the School website  in CSA News or by email at