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16th January 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! Welcome back from the Christmas holidays, which I hope were lovely and celebratory for you and for your family. Best wishes to everyone for the year that lies before us.

This term we welcome Dr Cunliffe to teach in the Science department and Ms Hacking to be part of the Science technician team. We are glad that they have joined us and wish them much success and happiness here.

The aim of this particular Newsletter is to give school families an idea of what lies ahead of us in the Spring Term. It has a major focus on reading which we thought was important at the beginning of this new school year. We have included some tips which parents and carers may wish to take up on reading in the home, along with news on the Bolton Fiction Award and from the much changed Library for this term, which reopens for pupils today.

As always at this time of year, the second major part of this Newsletter is to do with the programme for Performing Arts in the term ahead, with booking information about ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and the Dance Show. Alongside these two great events, there are the dates for the Afternoon Recitals ahead and also the concerts coming up this term and next.

It was a delight to see so many Canon Slade families at both the Christmas Concert and the Carol Services, which filled the Victoria Hall on 19th and 21st December. Thank you so much for your support, and we were thrilled with the events, with so many students and staff able to take part to produce such outstanding music in keeping with the celebration and joy of the occasions. Thank you for sharing that with us – and we look forward to your joining us for the big events ahead too!

I am also very pleased to be able to let everyone know that Rev Tom Lilley has been appointed as our next chaplain. His duties in his present parish will mean that he will join us ready for the start of the new school year in September, but we shall see a lot of him before then to introduce him to students and to staff after his fine and (obviously) successful interview.

Meanwhile, plans for appointing the next headteacher are underway, with an advert due shortly and a process which we trust will lead to interviews and appointment by mid March, at which point the Governors will let all school families know.

Thank you as always for your support and encouragement and for your prayers. We benefit so much from these and face the challenges of this new year with confidence together in the love of God for each of us and for all.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mottershead


Recent events

The last three days of term back in December were a delight! Many thanks to all staff and students who participated in the Christmas Concert on the Monday, and then at the Year 13 Presentation evening on the Tuesday, and finally the two Carol Services on the Wednesday.

Our thanks also to the many school families and friends who joined us for one or more or all of those events. it was a joy to share them with you all.

Presentation evening

For last year’s Year 13 students, their presentation evening was held on Tuesday 20th December, and it was very good to welcome them all back for their reunion and to collect their A level and BTEC certificates and prizes.

Our presenter and Chief Guest was Rev Paul Wallington, our former chaplain, and it was very good to welcome him back to the school, and to give former students a chance to bid him fond farewell too. His new school’s term had already finished which is how he was able to join us, and we were grateful for his doing so.

We spoke about the central importance of relationships, of our families, and of the support and fun we receive from our friends. We had the chance to hear stories from students about their first term away, at university or in their new job, on their gap year or beginning their apprenticeship.

Their achievements, academically and more widely, as we retold them to one another, are impressive indeed. Congratulations to them all.

Christmas concert

The ‘risk’ of moving from the Chapel to the Victoria Hall was well justified indeed – thank you for so many of you coming to support that in the grand venue. The musicians had more space and their playing saw them rise to the occasion and to the situation, to take their musicianship on to the next level. Well done all round and particularly to all of the staff of the music department, and the instrumental teachers for the hard work and superb performances that were produced.

Carol Services

As ever, they were a lovely ending to the term, and thanks to all families who were able to come along and be with us for that. The collections raised over £1000 for our charity which was wonderful.

Culture Club

Year 13 Literature students attended the RSC live streamed performance of The Tempest with Simon Russell Beale on 11th January with teachers from the English department. This follows on from the success of the trip to see the RSC King Lear (Anthony Sher) at the cinema before Christmas.

Year 9 Options evening

Thanks for all families who came to share the first evening with us as we plan the GCSE and other choices for Key Stage 4. Particular thanks in school to Miss Manning and to Mr Lever for all that they did to ensure the success of the event.

Teaching and Learning update

Reading for pleasure and to improve achievement

At Canon Slade School, we want students to read extensively for pleasure, so that they foster a lifelong love of reading. In addition, so they can become responsible for their learning. Students with higher reading ages achieve higher grades.

In Year 7 your child will have a library lesson once a fortnight during an English Lesson. Students will be able to borrow books to take home and read in their own free time. Our school librarian will make recommendations to them taking into account your child’s reading ability, curriculum targets and interests. A reading buddy system is being launched for those students who need some reading encouragement.

With regards to homework, reading is something we expect from all our pupils. All pupils are expected to and would benefit from reading a minimum of three times a week for at least half an hour at a time. Obviously, for stretch and challenge as your child moves through from Year 7 – 11, we would hope that this would develop into reading for pleasure on a daily basis.

At Canon Slade, we believe every child should be a reader and we hope you’ll help us support our love of reading for pleasure outside of the classroom with your child at home. We also know how many competing activities students do at school, at home and in the community, and that computer games and social media will compete with books and reading.

However, there is nothing like reading and little so good as a good book!

What you could do at home to help:


  • If you are a reader yourself, which we hope that you are, then involve children in every day conversations about books and stories, fiction and biographies
  • Read aloud to children. It helps them to learn the language of books and will encourage them to enjoy books and reading. Older children and adults usually still enjoy being read to! Audio books are also a big thing now, and offer such good readers as well!
  • Read together and make it a shared activity. Recommend books to your children and ask them if you can read what they are reading – when they have finished it…
  • Make sure there is a wide range of reading material at home, both fiction and non-fiction. It is often good for older students, facing exams, to regress in their reading – a quick and easy revisiting of an earlier and much enjoyed book…
  • In bi-lingual homes, reading in two languages is important.
  • Try not to let television or the computer intrude on reading time. Make a special time for reading with your child away from interruption. It is good for all of us to have a break from the high visual stimulus of the screens and settle to the gentler rhythms of reading print.
  • If your child is still of an age to be happy to read to you, then every day, if possible, even if for a short time, is good. If they say that they ‘are a bit old for that’ then sharing the reading aloud of a poem or the key section of a set novel, or a speech from a play – or a lively chapter from a Biology textbook … all these help not only with reading but with their studies too.


Reading for pleasure then …

Mrs Iles, assistant headteacher, who wrote the previous page, recommends the following two books:

  1. ‘Valentine Joe’ by Rebecca Stevens A time-slip story about first love and World War One, told uniquely through the eyes of a modern schoolgirl. Based on the true story of 15-year-old Valentine Joe Strudwick, the youngest soldier to die in World War One. Lots of history and war stories
  2. ‘Private Peaceful’ This is a novel for older children by Michael Morpurgo, first published in 2003. Although this novel is for older children, it is also regarded as a great book for young adults. I loved this book!!


The headteacher admits to being a butterfly reader, skipping from one book to another and back again, which makes some kind of anthology a good read. The latest one for dipping and skimming has been an old one, ‘Love for Life’ edited by John Hadfield and published in … 1961 … when even I was only 4! It is an anthology taken from five anthologies – his ‘Book of…’ series, which includes ‘A Book of Love’ and ‘A Book of Beauty’ for example. It is a delightful blend of poetry and story, images and anecdotes, full of optimism and joys.

In addition to that one, classic books for teenagers would be ‘Urn Burial’, a science fiction fable, by Robert Westall – set in the fells above Penrith, and deeply concerned with how human beings treat the other creatures with whom we share our landscapes – and ‘Granny was a Buffer Girl’ by Berlie Doherty, the very fine author based in Sheffield. It is a fine, funny and touching view of a family during its generations – what happens when each one takes its turn to be centre stage.

Something completely different could take you to the ‘How to label a goat’ book, but it may infuriate as well as entertain as it explores the stranger and less helpful red-tape which seeks to make us obey the smallest of rules …

… if you would like to borrow a copy of one of the books, then the library reopens on Monday 16th January, but there is also just one copy of each book in Mrs Iles’s office, which is opposite the headteacher’s office

Wednesday 25th January – Afternoon Recital at 2pm in the Chapel

On Wednesday 25th January Canon Slade pupils will be performing in the Afternoon Recital. Pupils will be from all year groups and will performing music in preparation for their instrumental exams and GCSE or A level exams. Music will be both solo and ensemble items. Please join us for a wide ranging programme of music!

Tickets for the recital are £5 and can be purchased on the door. All are very welcome!


The Bolton Children’s Fiction Award 2017 Shortlist Announced



Diary dates for the weeks to come … in 2017!

24th January
CSA committee meeting 7pm Library

25th January
Afternoon recital in the Chapel

25th January
School Council meeting

3rd February
Service of Celebration at 2.30pm

9th, 10th + 11th February
Religious Studies ‘How Great Thou Art’ art exhibition

10th February
Years 9 and 11 Reports home.

16th February
Year 9 Parents’ evening

The half term holiday is Monday 20th February to Friday 24th February inclusive.

27th February
Return to school after the half term break

1st March
Year 9 Option forms returned by today please

6th March
Canon Slade School SHOW this week

6th March
Year 10 Parents’ evening

13th March
Canon Slade School DANCE SHOW this week

15th March
CSA Committee meeting 7pm library

16th March
School Council meeting

23rd March
Year 12 Parents’ evening

24th March
Sixth Form Communion Service

27th March
Year 11 Communion Service 28th March Year 10 Communion Service 29th March Year 9 Communion Service

29th March
Afternoon recital in the Chapel

30th March
Year 7 Communion Service 31st March Year 8 Communion Service

4th April
Years 8 and 13 reports home

6th April
Year 8 Parents’ evening

7th April Term ends

Sports update

We have only been back a week ..! Students should be ready for the publication of the Spring Term practices and fixtures rota in the next few days. Meanwhile, so far this term, great news:


We are very pleased to be able to congratulate Charlotte Hulme in Year 10 for her success in winning the National Finals in the 100m Under14 Breaststroke! We have a national champion among us. Well done to Charlotte for her success in this very important race and for her commitment to the hours of training and preparation each week.


Our Under 18 squad was victorious after extra time in the last 16 of the national cup and are now through to the quarter finals for the first time ever.

We won 4-2 v Wickersley High – an amazing achievement from 500 teams all over the country. We await the draw for our opponents in the last 8 remaining teams.

Congratulations to the squad and to Mr Roberts, once more, and best wishes for a good draw for the quarters.

Next – the Key Stage 3 Girls’ Football team played their first match of the season last week and, although somewhat embarrassing, it is very good to report that they beat ESSA … 17-0…

STOP PRESS Congratulations also to the Year 8 squad, coached by Mr Brookes, who have reached the last 16 of the ESFA Cup for the age group. Congratulations to the Year 9 squad, coached by Mr Stephenson, who are playing in the last 32 of the ESFA cup in their age group. Best wishes to them for the matches ahead.

Santa Fun Run

We were delighted by this fine event just before the end of term in December and we are very pleased to report that the pupils raised £195 for Urban Outreach. Many thanks and well done to all who took part.


A boys’ hockey club will be starting on Tuesday lunchtime. Here is a new venture for us and we hope that it will be well supported.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme update

We offer the Gold Award in the Sixth Form and we are delighted to report that the following students/former students of the school achieved this prestigious and demanding award during 2016: Abigail Maxwell-Hodkinson; Megan Bithell; Grace Martin; Rebecca Winstanley; Ewan Smith; Hannah Waters; Jack Close; Amy Bethell-Clarke; Amy Grime; Maria Campbell; Daniel Turner.

Catching up further back still, former students from a couple of years ago have also completed their Gold Award: Eleanor Morris; Chloe Townsend; Elliot Shaw; Charlotte Yeung; Joseph Gough; Benjamin Emmett; Robert Thresh; Andrew Morrison.

The Library Page

Time for a change… The library started the year with an exciting change and sections in the library will be moved to create a Reading Zone. This change will also provide the opportunity to enhance and promote a variety of sections in the library for reading for pleasure and to support the students in their curriculum studies. Photos of the changes will be available in the next newsletter.

The library is looking forward to showcasing the changes on Monday 16th January.

Year 7 Accelerated Reader Programme (AR)

All year 7 will complete their second Star Test in the first two weeks of January and students will have their new point’s target set in their subsequent library lesson. Students will have the results of the autumn achievement written in their planner and book mark for parents/carer to view. Students achieving their autumn point’s target receive a bronze certificate, Accelerated Reader pencil and five credits. Parents/carers will receive this term an update on their child’s progress and reading age via a letter home.

Full details about the Accelerated Reading programme can be found on the Canon Slade Library website

Please do support your child by logging into the Home Connect link

If you have any questions about Accelerated Reader do not hesitate to contact your child’s English teacher or Mrs Cairns, Librarian. Students can take quizzes in the library at break, lunch or during library lessons.

Paired Reading

This term we will be launching our paired reading programme with year 7 students and the reading mentors working with the cohort will be year 10 students. Year 7 students taking part will be supported during a Wednesday morning registration in the library. The sessions will help year 7 with AR and choosing books, to build confidence in spelling and to provide reading strategies that will help with reading in general.

Year 9 Options…What to choose?

As Year 9 option evening will have taken place in early January, this is a perfect opportunity to remind parents/carers that the library has a comprehensive careers and education section within the library for students to browse and to borrow items. Please encourage your child to have a look at what is available and to help provide possible ideas for the future.
This term will also see the continuation of a session run by Mr Stayte with all year 10 students in the library during a Thursday morning registration. Students are advised about career options and students have the opportunity to use the resources within the session.

Next author visit

….for Year 7 The library is looking forward to the author Caroline Lawrence visiting Canon Slade at the end of February for our book week, which leads up to World Book Day in March. In the run up to the event the library will run a competition to win a fabulous signed book and more details about the event will be sent home to all year 7 students. Fans of Caroline will also be invited to buy books and have them signed at her visit. Please encourage your child to have a look at her amazing website before the event.

Bolton Children’s Fiction Award 2017

The award has now been launched in school and the books are available for students to borrow from the library. The aim of the award is to perhaps challenge all students to read something different and to introduce both well-known and debut authors. Students have the opportunity to read all six books from the library throughout the year, vote for their favourite and in June are invited to meet the authors. Please ask in the library for more details. @BoltonSchool #BCFA17

Please follow the library for all up to date news about the library, reading and independent learning resources @CanonSladeLib

Chaplaincy update


Worship Themes

We are being partly mathematical – 2017 is a prime number – but also looking at how we live and work and act in this new year.

January 9th – A prime time to start again – once more with feeling

January 16th – How many times – 70 x 7? Reconciliation and relationships

January 23rd – Never again – Holocaust Memorial Day

January 30th – A second chance – forgiveness and restoration February 6th – A picture is worth 1000 words: reconciliation and creativity

February 13th – A Valentine’s wish for 14th – love and promises

Celebration Service

The annual Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving will be at 2.30pm on Friday 3rd February in the school chapel. This service thinks about special members of our school family either who have gone through difficult times and come through it, or who have sadly died. If you would like to join us for that service then you would be very welcome.

Canon Slade’s Performing Arts Event’s 2017


Wednesday, 25 January

Afternoon Recital Chamber Concert by Canon Slade pupils
Millennium Chapel at 2.00pm
Tickets £5.00

March 2017 performances

7th / 8th / 10th evening
11th matinee & evening
Performing Arts Department presents our school production of The Wizard of Oz
School Hall
7.00pm & 2.00pm matinee
Tickets £7.00/£5.00


Wednesday, 15 & Thursday, 16 March

The Canon Slade Show
School Hall at 7.00pm
Tickets £4.00/£3.00
Wednesday, 29 March


Afternoon Recital Salford University Big Band

Millennium Chapel at 2.00pm
Tickets £5.00


Wednesday, 5 April

Senior Gala Concert
Millennium Chapel at 7.00pm
Tickets £6.00/£5.00

Wednesday, 24 May

Afternoon Recital Mike Chadwick and friends
Millennium Chapel at 2.00pm
Tickets £5.00

Wednesday, 14 June

Junior Showcase
Millennium Chapel at 7.00pm
Tickets £6.00/£5.00


The Wizard of Oz

Our school production this year is ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and tickets will be on sale from Monday, 16 January 2017.

If you would like to order tickets, please complete the form below/attached* and return it to school in a named, sealed envelope with the correct cash or a cheque made payable to ‘Canon Slade School’. Please put your child’s name and form on the back of your cheque. Your child can post the envelope in the red Box Office post box which is located at the foot of the stairs in B block (near the Maths classrooms).

The post box will be emptied daily and tickets will be strictly allocated in the order that requests are received. Tickets cannot be released without payment. Therefore, please complete the order form and return with payment to secure your seats! A spare ticket order form will be available on the school website.

Tickets will be distributed to your child via their form tutor nearer to the performance dates. For ticket queries, please contact 01204 600898 or e-mail As always, we very much appreciate your support and we are sure you will enjoy the show.

Performance dates: Tuesday, 7 March 2017 Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Friday, 10 March 2017 Saturday, 11 March 2017 Venue & Times: Performances are in the School Hall All dates have an evening performance starting at 7.00pm

Matinee performance starting at 2.00pm on Saturday, 11 March 2017 only
Ticket Price: Adults £7.00, Concessions (senior citizens, students, children) £5.00

CSA 200 Club

For the latest Canon Slade Association information, articles and 200 club winners announcements, please go to the:

Canon Slade Association Pages


Next meeting

The next CSA meeting is on Tuesday 24th January at 7pm in the School Library (please note that this meeting has been changed from 17th January) and everyone is welcome. If you have a child in the school you are automatically a member of the CSA, and we would love to see you!

200 Club

If you are not yet a member of 200 club and would like to join there is a one-off opportunity as membership will be open this month at a cost of £10 for 1 number with 7 chances to win a cash prize (once a month Jan-July). If you are interested please could you complete the attached form and pay online via Scopay. (Please accept our apologies for the error in the December newsletter – £10 is for one number not 7 numbers, but 7 opportunities to win).


Thank you for your donations of good quality clothes, shoes or bedding for the collection in October. We have arranged another collection for Thursday 4th May – we hope that this gives you lots of time to have a sort out!

Just a reminder that the following items are accepted: Men’s, Ladies and Children’s clothing, Paired shoes (tied together or elastic band around), Handbags, Hats, Bags, Scarves and ties, Jewellery, Lingerie, Socks, Belts, Soft toys, Household linen, Curtains, Towels, Bedding (bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers).

However, the following items are NOT accepted: Duvets and blankets, Pillows and cushions, Carpets, rugs and mats (including bath, shower and toilet mats), Soiled, painted, ripped or wet clothing, School uniforms with and without logo, Corporate clothing and workwear, Textile off cuts, yarns or threaded material

Further information about what happens to the donations can be found at


via The Giving Machine. Thank you to everyone who is raising money for CSA whilst doing your on-line shopping via . Just a quick reminder to everyone else to please consider using this facility if you buy anything on-line, even “big money items” such as insurance or holidays! Every purchase, however small, makes a contribution.

Refreshment Rota Thank you to parents who have been helping with refreshments at the recent consultation evenings and other school activities. If you would like to be included on the tea rota please contact

Open Committee Positions The CSA is still looking for a Chair and Vice Chair for this academic year (and a second year of office if possible). The Chair and Vice Chair are supported by the Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary who are already in position. If you are interested in either of the roles, whether or not you feel you have relevant experience, please contact either or Mr Mottershead directly to further information.


Details of most of the above can be found in the Canon Slade Association section of the School website (located in the More Information tab at the top of the Home Page) in CSA News or by email at

And be in with a chance to WIN A CASH PRIZE
Dear Parent/Carer/Staff,
For a one off payment of £10.00 for the year, you will be allocated one number between 1-200 (you can buy as many numbers as you like, even ask friends and family if they would like to join in) then each month between January and July all the numbers will be entered into a draw and 3 numbers will be picked out.
Draws take place during CSA meetings.
1st Prize £100.00/2nd Prize £30.00/3rd Prize £20.00
All the numbers go back into the draw ready for the following month, so if you are very lucky you could win 7 times! We really hope you will join us in this exciting opportunity to support Canon Slade Association.
The deadline is Friday 20th January 2017. If you would like to join please pay by SCOPAY or make cheques payable to Canon Slade Schoo

HOLIDAYS 2017/2018


Staff Days: Monday, 4 September and Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Term Begins: Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Half Term: Monday, 23 October to Friday, 27 October 2017

Term Ends: Wednesday, 20 December 2017 (Carol Services)


Term Begins: Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Half Term: Monday, 19 February to Friday, 23 February 2018

Term Ends: Thursday, 29 March 2018


Staff Day: Monday, 16 April 2018

Term Begins: Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Bank Holiday: Monday, 7 May 2018

Founder’s Day: Friday, 11 May 2018 Half Term: Monday, 28 May to Friday, 1 June 2018

Term Ends: Friday, 20 July 2018