Happy New Year and welcome back. I trust you had a lovely Christmas break as we return to mock GCSE exam results day for Year 11 and mock A level exams for Year 13. We also have options evenings for Year 8 and 9. We are delighted that so many Year 13 students have applied for higher apprenticeships or university places and are now working very hard for mock exams to find out what they know and what they do not yet know before the exams this summer.

The latest national results data puts our 2018 results significantly above national and identifies a much higher proportion of our students continuing into further education, employment and training than nationally. We were a finalist in the North West Career Aspiration awards in recognition of our work in careers and supporting all pupils to aim for the very best employment, apprenticeship or further education.

We are currently accepting applications for our outstanding Sixth Form. Pupils need to achieve at least 5 GCSEs at grade 5 or above to gain a place with more information available under our Sixth Form tab. Please do speak to Dr Eves with any Sixth Form questions. Our Sixth Form is open to all students who achieve the grades required for our A level and vocational courses. Sixth Form application forms must be in by the day after Valentine’s Day, 15th February, but you can give it in today.
Canon Slade Association is our PTA. Last year, we welcomed lots of new Year 7 parents who have contributed lots of ideas and, with 300 pupils now in Year 7, we warmly welcome all Year 7 parents to join in. The committee positions are filled, so there is no pressure to fill a post and you can come along to enjoy time with other parents and staff.

Thank you for your support with attendance, which is outstanding at 97% for all pupils. Please do send your child into school every day as excellent attendance leads to excellent outcomes for all children. GCSE exam reviews increased pupils’ grades to 91% in English, 83% in Maths, 95% in Physics, 93% in Biology and Geology, 92% in Chemistry, 100% in Music, 94% in Dance, 91% in Drama, 88% in Art and Latin, 85% in Geography and Food, 84% in Computing, 80% in History and PE, 78% in Spanish and RE, 76% in French. Our progress is above average for all schools nationally. We expect current pupils to achieve even more now we all know a bit more about what to expect in the exam papers and with so many of our staff being GCSE and A level examiners, we know what gains credit in the exams and what does not.

Current Year 13 students are expected to achieve results which would put us in the top quarter of all sixth forms nationally. We send our best wishes to all our students waiting to hear the outcome of their interviews at Oxford, Cambridge and a host of prestigious institutions.

One thing we certainly learned from last year’s GCSE and A level exams is that students are rewarded well for what they know with around 40% for this but students must also use what they know in new situations. New GCSE questions started to go into A level material which our teachers expected and are used to teaching. Our teachers are also able to suggest how A level questions may be changed slightly to make them more challenging.

Our Sixth Form direct entry Gold Duke of Edinburgh groups have their expeditions later this year and we all look forward to our Back to the 80s show, which is next month.
As we remember Epiphany and the importance of Jesus to all of our lives, we thank God for sending his son to show us all how to live our lives with love and compassion. We also remember our school motto which reminds us to pray and work. We should work as if working for the Lord and not for others. I wish everyone a happy, successful and blessed 2019.

Thank you,

Mr David Burton
Canon Slade School