We have received the following information from Transport for Greater Manchester:

RE: Changes to TfGM weekly tickets

TfGM have been working with the operators of our school services to introduce a new weekly ticket that can be loaded straight on to an IGO card, without the need for a paper ticket. Helping us to reduce our environmental impact, whilst cutting down on lost tickets and students travelling without their IGO.

We’re now in a position where all of our operators are able to sell and accept this new ticket type, as well as a new carnet style ticket that can also be loaded on to a student’s IGO card. For more information about these new tickets please visit: https://tfgm.com/tickets-and-passes/bus-school-bus-services (https://tfgm.com/tickets-and-passes/bus-school-bus-services)

We will be asking our operators to no longer sell the paper version of the TfGM school weekly, with a view to removing the paper version from the beginning of next term. Please share the attached posters as far and wide as possible so that we keep our students and parents up to date with this change.

If any of your students need to apply for an IGO or replacement, full details can be found here: https://tfgm.com/tickets-and-passes/igo-pass (https://tfgm.com/tickets-and-passes/igo-pass)


Kind regards

Sam Dale
Business Operations Assistant
01204 333343 ext 212