On Friday 8th November, we were delighted to welcome to Canon Slade Rt. Revd Mark Davies, Bishop of Middleton and Mrs Deborah Smith, the new Director of Education for the Diocese of Manchester.


Bishop Mark lead the Year 7 assembly that morning which included the licensing of our Chaplain, Revd Tom, to the chapel. Also in the service Bishop commissioned our new Student Chaplains, a group of 20 students from Year 7 and 8 who are going to be involved with leading worship around school and organising charity events.


During the special assembly, the worship band lead the Year 7’s in singing the unofficial Canon Slade anthem, ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ – it was the first time they have sang it as a year group (but it certainly won’t be the last!). Mr Moore also lead everyone in a rousing rendition of ‘Stand By Me’. Our Chaplaincy Assistant, Libby Greenhalgh (at Canon Slade as part of the Children Changing Places Project) encouraged us to think about prayer in different ways as everyone prayed using a pipe-cleaner, and made it into different shapes as we offered prayers for the world and different needs.


Once the assembly finished, Year 7 stayed in in the Chapel for an opportunity to ‘grill a bishop’. Over the past couple of weeks all Year 7 students submitted questions to ask Bishop Mark and we had an opportunity and a number of students had the chance to ask theirs. Questions ranged from ‘what’s the hardest part of being a bishop?,’ to ‘does God talk to you?’


After the assembly, Bishop Mark and Mrs Smith joined two Year 9 classes for their Youth Alpha lesson. This week the classes were thinking about the problem of evil in the world, and how we can personally resist evil.


Many thanks to Bishop Mark and Mrs Smith for worshipping with us and encouraging us in our faith and in our work