1957-8 – Art Room Mural – Photos


Notes about the Mural:


The Art Room Mural

Painted by Judith M Buckthorp 1957-8

The Art room of that time is now the large Science Laboratory on the Upper Science Corridor.

Judith had her Mural photographed by Mr J G Jones (not H) and made the thirteen pictures into an album, which she later presented to the school.

In November 2014 Paul Dyson scanned the album and gave her electronic copies; she printed new versions of the photographs to keep for herself.

Dear Paul,

In fact, mine wasn’t the first to be painted on the wall, which was the original art room in the early days of our occupation of the new building. The first was painted the previous year by two members of the first year sixth. They were Harold Gale and Ian Crowther and theirs was painted in poster colours. It was a Lancashire landscape, gaining inspiration from the stone cottages on the road facing the school. They called it “Tottingbottom”.   To answer your questions. Mr. Jones was the person you thought.    I was intending to go to training college, not university, and because of my age had to do an extra year at school, so I had  three years in the sixth form. I did art as one of my A level subjects and as part of this course I studied history of costume. My favourite period was the 14th. and 15th centuries so these were the inspiration along with encouragement and suggestions from Mrs. Mary Orchard; then Booth; the art teacher. I painted it in my scheduled lesson time and free periods during that time, and it took almost a year to complete. It was done in oil paint.   Thank you once again for taking the trouble to send me the photos. I am very pleased to have them.   Kind regards, Judith